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Las Vegas, early casino maps on Google

Las Vegas, early casino maps on Google

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The world’s number one search engine will provide a visual view of the interiors of the gaming halls.

Although probably its latest product will be banned virtually from the entire Las Vegas city, Google seems to be very interested and willing to collaborate with the Sin City gaming halls.

It seems that the Mountain View giant will allow its users to take a look inside the casinos, using a system of indoor mapping of the various locations.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal , a Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority board meeting Tuesday announced a marketing plan that will allow prospective visitors to peek through casinos, And maybe even move from one room (or one floor) to another.

Those who have already visited this or that particular casino will be able to use this feature to find out some details that had escaped, while sitting comfortably in the chair in front of the PC, sipping a good drink.

Helpful? Needless? Soon to say it.

What is certain is that last year, the Las Vegas Strip casinos earned “just” $ 6.2 billion, losing the pole of world gambling gambling in Macau gaming halls.

And yet in 2012 at McCarran International Airport nearly 40 million people arrived – an absolute record – 30 of which set foot on the Strip.

For the time being, Sin City is keeping more or less the same numbers last year and this new technology is likely to be just another way to try and attract as many potential players as possible.

And it will not be the only one.

In Las Vegas, in fact, you are working on a project to strongly strengthen external surveillance on the Strip. According to local media reports, 37 new high-definition cameras have already been installed, just a few meters from the road.

The project will cost $ 300,000 and has already raised some privacy criticism, promptly rejected by law enforcement.

We close with another great technology: the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign on the outskirts of the Strip will soon be powered by solar panels.

Las Vegas hunting for Macau

Sin City will try them all to recover the pole scepter of world gambling, but it will not be easy at all. Currently the comparison with the Macao casinos is literally impetuous: the former Portuguese colony figures out of the reach of any other high-concentration casino area.

They are far away, by now, when Las Vegas was the favorite target of gamblers. Today, the center of gravity has moved thousands and thousands of miles to the east and probably there will remain for a long time.

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Sanremo Revolution: Sara Rodi enters the Casino Spa

Sanremo Revolution: Sara Rodi enters the Casino Spa

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For the first time in history, a woman joins the casino’s board of directors.

Political intervention took place, but in the end the company that runs the Sanremo Casino will have its pink share. This is Sara Rodi, elected yesterday during the assembly of members of the Casino Spa; “In accordance with the decree 251 of November 2012”, to say it in politichese.

In fact, Rhodes is not really a new face at the Casino of San Remo, as it was already part of the company’s board of auditors. The woman was called to replace a colleague, Mauro Giancaterino, and thus joined President Giancarlo Ghinamo and Federigoco Marco Cambiaso.

Another good news, which comes a few days after the quarterly report on the casinos in Sanremo Casino, perfectly in line with the previous period. Currently, the 2012 comparison sees the current year at a disadvantage of 7%, but the figure is still in line with the forecasts made in January.

And to think that no later than eight months ago, the Ligurian gaming hall really risked falling into the gap: in the second month of the year, the cash prizes were down 23% less than the same period in 2017, practically doubling the Percentage of loss expected by casino management.

Fortunately, things have improved over the months, so that the Casino of Sanremo has managed to recover the beauty of 16 percentage points, treating it as said on a decent -7%. Recording signals, although the end of the tunnel is still far behind, in the period that still remains a major crisis for the traditional gaming industry.

Who knows, maybe the entrance of Sara Rodi to the Casino of Spa Casino will bring a breath of fresh air, new ideas and, why not, a pinch of luck. On the other hand, we are talking about a casino, the place of excellence where fortune serves. That’s what he needs.

Sanremo, the casino between crisis and hope

The Ligurian gaming room has been overwhelmed by the economic crisis that has swept across all sectors in Italy, not sparing even what seemed to be an unbeatable fortress, gambling. Still today many believe that in times of crisis the game is set to thrive, but the results of the four Italian casinos are there to show, in a clear way, how it is just a common place.

The Sanremo Casino is attempting with all its strength to respond to the economic crisis and to recover ground, but it will not be easy. The market is no longer that of a few years ago and it probably needs to revisit the offer in a profound way, to better match what is today’s players’ needs if you want to return to the splendor of a time.

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Casino in Japan, a law to keep the yakuza away

Casino in Japan, a law to keep the yakuza away

Category : News

The first regulatory draft for Japanese gambling halls would be ready. Casinos open by 2016?

The assignment of the 2020 Olympic Games to Tokyo has given probably the decisive acceleration to the bill that for the first time could open the gates of Japan to land casinos.

Currently, the only form of gambling in the Sol Levante is pachinko, a sort of slot machine for which the Japanese are crazy.

Another step forward?

The party’s dreams and hopes of opening the casinos in Japan have made another step forward to reality last Thursday when major news agencies reported news of a bill that is near to see the light. According to Reuters, the first draft of the law states that it will be discussed by the end of the year and that it will be approved early in 2014.

In the next two years, then, the proposal should become a real implementation law after the due discussions and the addition (or modification) of various and possible.

The goal is to build the first casinos by 2020, when Tokyo will host the Olympics; A goal that, knowing the Japanese bureaucratic machine, would seem quietly within reach.

Among the proposals already envisaged is the formation of an independent regulatory body, which would have the task of assigning licenses (a bit like in Italy with the Customs and Monopoly Agency), but also that of Check the bank and tax data of the executives of the companies that will be requesting them, as well as the data of their family members.

The need for a body that is independent of the minister or the politician in turn should be seen in the context of an attempt to minimize, or rather eliminate, any possible influence or attempted corruption by the yakuza, the Japanese mafia.

According to the draft law, the idea is that “the requirements for entering the market (gambling, ndr) should be strict. With proper laws and regulations, there is no reason to believe that casinos can become branches of organized crime”.

Always according to the first draft of the law, there would be a limit (low) for the first “baked” casino, so that their impact on the Japanese population can be measured accurately.

Obviously, the first candidate cities to host casinos are centers such as Tokyo and Osaka, but particular attention will be paid to the fact that smaller centers are not cut off.

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Security Issues in Las Vegas Casinos?

Security Issues in Las Vegas Casinos?

Category : News

Apparently the cameras only monitor the game halls, but not the halls of the hotels.

Las Vegas casinos, they know, are among the safest and most watched places in the world. Dozens, hundreds of cameras that keep watch on the gambling halls, making sure no one tries to cheat or cause trouble to the players. Yet, curiously, there are usually no video cameras in these rooms in the corridors of the hotel rooms; An absence that was going to cost dear to Brandi Patrick, a service woman working at the Flamingo.

Awkward episode

sicurezza las vegasLast year, Patrick was pursued for one of the corridors of the hotel by a practically naked man. The woman said she had closed in a closet and that when the man tried to open the door trying to force the handle, he could only save himself by taking his cell phone to call security.

“There could have been something and no one would notice it until the end of my turn,” said Patrick, still tormented by the thought of what might have happened if he had not had the cell phone with him. Yet the casino chiefs believe that there is no need to intervene: American casinos, they say, possess more than one square foot cameras at any airport or country sports arena.

Yet, The Associated Press found that 23 of the 27 major Strip casinos have no surveillance in the corridors of the hotels or in the areas where lifts are arranged. Representing the exceptions are the giants such as MGM Resorts International, Caesars Entertainment Corp., Las Vegas Sands Corp. Or Wynn Resorts Ltd. seem to be interested in the subject.

The AP discovered all this by interviewing casino executives and visiting those hotels that did not want to comment. Only Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, MGM Grand and Tropicana Las Vegas monitor the corridors and spaces between the various plans dedicated to gambling.

“People have a false sense of security when they go to the casino,” said Fred Del Marva, who deals with security. “People think, ‘I’m going to the Bellagio, they have 2,000 surveillance cameras, I’ll be safe,’ and instead they’re wrong.” The security level in the hotel is zero. “

In truth, it is difficult that something bad happens in the corridors of a casino hotel, when the attacker, to get away, almost always has to go through the gambling zones. However, this does not mean that it is not a problem to consider, in the hope that casinos will adapt.

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Online Game, 888 Ascent

Online Game, 888 Ascent

Category : News

The company, based in Gibraltar, is gaining more and more positions on the gambling market.

888 Holdings, a well-known online gaming company, has recently announced the results for its third quarter of 2013, revealing a 2% increase in revenue, totaling $ 93.7 million.

Much of this good result is due to online casinos revenue, which grew by 19% to $ 45 million, up 7 percent from the same period last year.

In total, the London Stock Exchange listed around $ 294 million in the first nine months of the year, 6% more than in 2012. The company, which is based in Gibraltar, is continuing to expand its Slice of the market, thanks to an increasingly varied offer and a marketing strategy that is obviously working.

Commenting on the good third quarter results, 888 Brian Mattingley CEO explained: “This quarter saw further progress in the most recent regulated markets around the world. In the United States, the launch of the WSOP poker room in Nevada marked The beginning of our real money gambling offer in the US. “

And again: “Through a joint venture we have also reached a partnership agreement with Wynn Interactive for the development of online gambling offerings in New Jersey, Nevada and other states when these markets will also be regulated.”

The time of 2006 is far behind, when 888 Holdings suffered a blow by the US government, which declared illegal online gambling. But now the hungry, tax-hungry states are beginning to revisit their rules, even because renouncing a lucrative market like gambling is a luxury that can no longer be allowed.

888 Holdings can look to the future, therefore, with a discreet optimism.

As the company said, “The first two weeks of the fourth quarter were better than the previous and the same period last year, especially in the casino sector. In the first 13 days we went better than about 2% Twelve months ago. “

The panorama of the game online

Online gambling has now spread all over the world, including Italy, and 888 is one of the most important and globally recognized brands. From poker to casino games, through sports betting and arcade games, the virtual gambling offer is almost complete almost everywhere.

Comfort is what has led to virtual games success: thanks to gambling on the Internet, in fact, you can play without having to get up from the home armchair. Just a computer and a good internet connection, to enjoy the taste of being in a real casino.

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Las Vegas Sands and MGM to Japan

Las Vegas Sands and MGM to Japan

Category : News

The law should soon arrive at the opening of the casinos in the village of Sol Levante.

Las Vegas Sands Corporation and MGM Resorts International are researching new locations to build more casinos. Where? But in Japan of course, where the assignment to Tokyo of the Olympic Games 2020 could be the right push for a law that legitimizes earthly gambling .

The Japanese capital has beaten the competition in Madrid and Istanbul, and will host the Olympics for the second time since the 1964 edition. Plans to revitalize Tokyo’s infrastructure and provide the best conveniences for the many tourists scheduled for the event Will begin shortly.

The decision of the International Olympic Committee has contributed to fueling rumors that Japan could soon approve a gambling law, as its development would allow the creation of new hotels and entertainment facilities that could be used during the games. Not to mention that casinos would create new jobs and could inject into the Japanese economy up to $ 10 billion a year.

The potential of the new Asian market is attracting some of the major companies in the industry, including Caesars Entertainment Corporation and Melco Crown Entertainment. A law on land gambling in Japan has been talking about it for two years now, after the tsunami tragedy hit the coast in 2011.

“We are beginning to look at potential projects and potential partners and we are really starting to invest more in this,” said Steven Tight, president of the international development of Caesars, Las Vegas. For the time being, however, Tight preferred not to mention figures or potential partners.

Yet among the companies that might be interested in a partnership with US gambling giants, there might be Mitsubishi, Itochu Corporation, Mitsui & Co and two major gaming companies, Sega Sammy Holdings Inc. and Konami Corporation.

Japan, a marketplace that throws the casino giants

According to analysts, the Japanese could easily be the third world market for groundbreaking casinos, behind the inexhaustible Macau and Las Vegas, since there is a lot to be said about those who want to gamble – not to mention that we are facing one of the More tourist destinations.

It goes without saying that all the major gambling companies in the world would make false cards to put their hands on a slice of the cake. It is still too early to understand what future developments might be, although most likely the Japanese will want to maintain some control over any new structures, favoring the creation of joint ventures between foreign companies and local companies.

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Bitcoin, the virtual currency, landed in land casinos?

Bitcoin, the virtual currency, landed in land casinos?

Category : News

Ardon Lukasiewicz‘s Bitmarkers are thinking of Las Vegas as the ideal destination for Bitcoin lovers

Ever since it was created, Bitcoin seemed to be the ideal currency for the online gambling market, and it’s no coincidence that it is coupled if it is more than good.

Probably, however, few had thought Bitcoin could be used in land gambling. And instead.

Ardon Lukasiewicz, Jaron Lukasiewicz‘s brother, Coinsetter‘s Chief Executive Officer, recently said, “I’d like to make Las Vegas the ideal destination for Bitcoin.”

Ardon is in turn the CEO of Bitmarkers, a company that aims to break down the barriers of various regulatory commissions, using Bitcoin to move without money the money they have won in casinos.

Here is the main problem. Unlike online gambling, a still rather “wild” world in the world, land casinos have to deal with a series of rules and commissions that are always alert that no attacker tries to recycle money or evade taxes right through theaters From live gaming.

The casinos themselves, lately, are making tremendous efforts to avoid such cases.

At the beginning of the year, for example, Las Vegas Sands has begun to set limits on international bank credit transfers using aliases, as President Michael Leven said last January.

Yet according to Lukasiewicz there are already many gamblers interested in his company’s services, which among other things allows you to book casino hotels right through Bitcoin.

“We currently have hundreds of thousands of people involved, and we are still in the beta phase, all this without even doing a bit of marketing,” Lukasiewicz told CoinDesk.

Online gambling and gambling in a real casino, however, are two very different experiences.

Bitmarkers wants to focus on that market segment that requires a lot more personal attention: “We welcome all players, but of course we establish a more personal relationship with those who play in land casinos than those who play online.”

Bitcoin, the currency of the future?

For those who did not know it, it’s worth spending two words on Bitcoin. We are facing a completely virtual currency – there are no banknotes or ‘physical’ coins – created in 2009 by such Satoshi Nakamoto, a fantasy name of a person who wanted to remain completely anonymous.

Since there is no bank or entity that prints and monitors this currency, Bitcoin is a cryptographic valuation that lowers any type of transaction cost that came in November 2013 to a total of $ 6 billion. Because of the decentralized nature of this currency, no one can control their value and for this reason there is no possibility of undergoing the phenomenon of inflation, also because the amount of Bitcoin in circulation is limited and known a priori.

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Taormina, proceed to the casino reopening

Taormina, proceed to the casino reopening

Category : News

This is how Sicily is doing seriously: a meeting between regional institutions and Minister Angelino Alfano was planned.

For years, and cyclically speaking, we talk about the possibility of opening new casinos in Italy. But never like this time, the gossip could eventually turn into reality. Taormina, and more generally Sicily, are serious: the desire to reopen the casino at Villa Mon Repos seems ironic and above all shared.

Since 1965 there has been no playroom in the main Mediterranean island, but it has been open for a very short time.

The bill

Thus, a few months ago Nicola Leanza, Sicilian deputy of Article 4, presented a bill that took its name; A short proposal but at the same time precise, which we quote below:

Aricolo 1: Establishment of a playhouse in the town of Taormina

1. The President of the Region authorizes, with his own decree, the opening of a playhouse in the town of Taormina, in order to promote the development of tourist flows in the territory of the Region, ensuring – in the Sicilian tourist industry competitive conditions with the others Member States of the European Union and to reduce the phenomenon of unauthorized gambling.

2. The decree of the President of the Region governs the guarantee of the effectiveness of the protection of the maintenance of public order conditions, respecting the principles set out in Article 31 of the Statute of the Region, establishing the subjective requirements for recruitment and exercise Of the playground activity.

Article 2: Convention

1. The President of the Region approves, with the decree referred to in Article 1, the Scheme for the Discipline of the Relationship between the Region and the Municipality of Taormina with regard to the public tendering of the exercise of the house by Play, indicating the modalities, limits, quotas of the participation of the Region and municipalities in the income or profits of the activity. The Convention may provide forms of participation to the benefit of the initiative by the local authorities concerned in the area.

2. However, subjects who are concerned with the exercise or activities of the gaming house must, in any event, have the requisite requirements for similar activities carried out by domestic gambling establishments.

The ddl should be examined this morning by the Institutional Affairs Commission of the ARS (Sicilian Regional Assembly): in the case of approval, which would seem to be overestimated, the bill must also be examined by the Italian Parliament. It is difficult to set a timeline, since the discussion of that law would certainly not be among the priorities of the Letta government.

In any case, in the coming days there is also a meeting between some members of the Sicilian institution and Interior Minister Angelino Alfano (also Sicilian, among other things). The governor of Sicily Rosario Crocetta, the mayor of Taormina Eligio Giardina and the regional deputies Nino Germanà and Giuseppe Piccolo should attend the meeting.

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Las Vegas Casino, September with a smile

Las Vegas Casino, September with a smile

Category : News

After a good August, even the ninth month of the year was positive for gambling in Nevada.

It will not grow at the rhythms of Macau, it will not stand still for the Singapore assault, but gambling made in Nevada still has something to say. August and September data show a growth that is more than dignified for the most important gambling market in the United States.

The Gaming Control Board has reported casinos data for the month of September, revealing a rise in revenue of 7.4%, totaling $ 958.8 million, up 65 million over the same month of 2012 .

The most encouraging thing, however, is that the month of August was also great, with an increase of 11.17% ($ 955.3 million): in total, in the first nine months of 2013, Nevada improved ‘1.4% over the January-September period last year.

The results make it a good hope, because Nevada is one of the few states that have shown some vitality in the gambling market over the last few months, as Brent Pirosch, a consultant and industry expert, said: “Nevada, Kansas And Louisiana are the only three states that have commercial casinos to have improved in 2013, while everyone else has done worse than in 2017. “

Nevertheless, many analysts prefer to go with their lead feet, with regard to September’s Nevada results, as baccarat exploits (which produced 15.72% of bets, compared to 11.35% of the year Last) could only be extemporaneous.

Steven Wieczynski of Stifel Nicolaus Capital Markets said, “We believe the results may deceive, even if the baccarat market continues to withstand. We also record a certain drop in the gaming volume created by the slot machine .”

By falling in detail, Strip casinos marked an excellent + 13.4% ($ 563.1 million), with only baccarat capable of generating $ 115.5 million, up 49.1% more than September 2012.

In general, Clark County recorded an improvement of 8.74%. Curiously, however, the state of Nevada in September has collected 11.5% less taxes than last year.

Waiting for the online game

It also begins to talk about the possibility that Nevada is the first state to legalize online gambling offerings in the United States, after the Black Friday of 2011 literally destroyed the virtual poker market made in the USA – up to That moment the main and largest of the planet. Probably the contribution of online gambling will not be decisive in Las Vegas casinos, but in times of crisis like this any more help is well accepted.

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The Revel Atlantic City is already on sale? Delayed expectations

The Revel Atlantic City is already on sale? Delayed expectations

Category : News

It should have been the casino able to relaunch the economy, but in one year it has already gone bankrupt.

Last year, New Jersey’s hopes of recovering gambling in the gaming industry were entrusted to the launch of Revel Atlantic City, a $ 2.4 billion giant that would have to overturn the fate of the gambling industry in state.

Unfortunately, the luxury resort failed to maintain its expectations, so that at the beginning of the year it risked bankruptcy, except to find an agreement with the creditors.

At that time, Revel officials had expressed hope that the property could begin to be profitable by the summer of 2014, but so far – November 2013 – the Revel managed to lose something like $ 81 million, so that the owners Of the game room, apparently, are “looking at all the strategic options” in trying to change the fate.

Two possible options

Apparently, the options would be only two, one drastic and the other less: selling all the property, or restructuring its funding. Unfortunately for Revel, the problems he faced are symptomatic, and identical to those that afflict all the resorts of the East Coast. Atlantic City casinos have lost 40% of profits over the past six years, mainly due to increased competition from neighboring states.

Only in the first nine months of this year, the loss amounted to around 9.3% (2.2 billion in turnover), almost three billion in the hands of casinos earning only in 2006. Therefore, the Revel Is not the only one of the 12 Atlantic City casinos that has come up with substantial changes. Last week, for example, the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel had to declare bankruptcy.

Perhaps just the way to online gambling, scheduled for November 26, could save the situation. Opening to virtual gambling should lead to the New Jersey economy an injection of about $ 1 billion only in the first year of operations.

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